Bayonet or Vibro-Bayonet Attachment

Bayonet or Vibro-Bayonet Attachment Attachment

Widely used across the galaxy, this attachment gives the wielder the versatility of being able to use a ranged weapon in Melee should their enemy close with them.
This attachment can only usually be fitted to a rifle, although some (usually unstable) people have been known to fit them to pistols (this requires GM discretion for a player to do so)

Models Include: TrandCorp Nerf-Sticker, BlasTech VB22a Vibro-Bayonet
Base Modifiers: Allows the fitting of a Knife or Vibroknife under the front of the barrel; when the blade is attached the weapon can be used in Melee (using the profiles listed below for the requisite weapon), Attached weapon Encumberance +1 (shown in profile below).
Modification Options: none.
Hard Points Required: 1.
Price: 50cr for mount + cost of knife/vibroknife.

Bayonet Type Skill Dam Crit Range Encum Rarity Special
Knife as Bayonet Melee +2 3 Engaged +1 1
Vibroknife as Bayonet Melee +2 2 Engaged +1 3 Pierce 2, Vicious 1

Bayonet or Vibro-Bayonet Attachment

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