NovaTech Invader HS-221 Battle Armour

NovaTech Armour Corporation ‘Invader’ Heavy Siege Battle Armour Model 221

Defense Soak Encum HP Price Rarity
2/2 2 9 0 32.000 10 (R)

The Armour has the following built in Devices and Attachments.

  • Jet Pack (treated as the jet pack in the CRB)
  • Fully modded Smart Med 2000 system (as in DCV)
  • External Exoskeleton that provides +1 Brawn to the wearer (this is lost if armour suffers a Minor sunder, and is only regained when repaired)
  • Gene-Lock to prevent the theft and use of the armour by others, locks up and detonates after 30 seconds without an override code if worn by an unregistered user.
  • Built in Utility belt (as in CRB)

This armour was designed by the NovaTech corporation as the ultimate siege breaking armour, with a built in personal shield to give the bearer the ability to walk through incoming fire and keep fighting.
This Armour is exceptionally expensive, rare and illegal due to the combination of technologies in it, although the Red Hand have somehow found a supplier.

NovaTech Invader HS-221 Battle Armour

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